Build Your Own Dome

The Monolithic Dome a steel-reinforced, high strength concrete dome covered with closed-cell insulation which is in turn covered with a permanent, impermeable airform. It is the strongest, most highly energy efficient, low maintenance, affordable home you can build.

     We can assist you with a feasibility study on any size dome; preliminary sketches; complete construction plans; information on building in the city and in the county. We will be happy to guide you through any part of the process if you decide to build your own Monolithic Dome home.

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Build all or part of your dome
For substantial savings

     The Monolithic Dome does not come in sections to be put together like kit-built aircraft; however, if you are within a reasonable distance from the DFW area, we can construct the shell so that you can finish it. The dome is the hardest part of the building process.

     If you are handy, or you’re located far from the DFW area, we can guide you through the building process whereby you personally build the dome, or you hire workmen and subcontractors to build the dome for you.


     Keep in mind that our goal is to build or guide you through the building of an 804 s.f. dome as you saw on the Home page. This size dome is easy to build, offers no major construction challenges, and can be built with one level of scaffolding and without the use of a concrete pump. If you need a larger home you simply add more similar  domes to come up with the desired size home. This allows you to Keep It Simple and affordable.

     In addition to the floorplan that you see on the home page, you can expand the useful space of the 804 dome by using the floorplan of the starter dome that does away with the bedroom closets and adds a sleeping loft over the bathroom for a quasi third bedroom; that’s a lot of useful space in a modest size dome.


Do your own foundation

     After land preparation, the start of the building process is the foundation. A ring the diameter of the dome is laid out. With the 804 dome it is 32’. We use a monolithic (all one piece) steel-reinforced concrete foundation.

Foundation layout

Pouring the foundation concrete

We can build on your foundation

     You can contract out your foundation; we’ll work with your concrete contractor. We can then build the dome on your foundation and turn the project back to you to complete the home.

Our goal is to help you build the best home
Even on a tight budget


The airform is inflated


Insulation has been sprayed on the airform, the reinforcing steel is hung on the insulation. The dome is ready for high strength concrete.

After the concrete has been placed on the reinforcing steel, the air pump is shut down and the dome structure is complete. We can finish it or hand it over to you for final construction and finishing.


“Form ever follows function”
Louis Sullivan, 1896

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