32' dome homes - 3 units - 2

Start small and grow as your needs grow

Start with the 2 bedroom shown in the center; add a master bedroom dome on the left as your family grows; add a 3 bedroom dome on the right as your family is complete. The 4th and 5th bedrooms on the third dome can have uses other than as bedrooms.

3 Io-40 w garage

Below is a home composed of three 1,256 s.f. domes. With connectors the home has a total of 3,831 s.f. of living space. Each of the domes has a
free-standing fireplace, a separate heating/cooling system and an individual entry to the front. The home is enclosed by a 6’ high stuccoed concrete block wall. This home with slight plan modifications can also be built starting with one dome and adding the other two as the family grows.


“Form ever follows function”
Louis Sullivan, 1896

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