Why a Concrete Dome?

“form ever follows function”

     The question boils down to this: Would you rather drive down the freeway in a Cadillac or a Covered  Wagon? Of greater importance is this question: How much do you treasure your safety?

     The Monolithic Dome is the Cadillac of all buildings, whether you’re building commercial, industrial, or residential. These are the best buildings in the world.

     Of course, you don’t have to take our word for it. Take a look at these pictures and you’ll see what Monolithic Domes WILL NOT do. Ask yourself these questions:

    What is the value of my life?
    What is the value of my family’s life?
    How would I feel if this happened to my home?

Burned house - 101

Burned house - 111

Burned house - 121

Burned house - 131

Burned house - 141

Burned house - 151

Burned house - 16

Burned house - 21

Burned house - 31

Burned house - 51

Burned house - 61

Burned house - 71

Burned house - 81

Burned house - 91

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