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A novel of far Northeast Texas - A young man, his beautiful companions, and a roller coaster ride of surprising events.
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“form ever follows function”

This is a great retirement or starter home; two bedrooms, one bath. Half of the dome is the living area; the other half is the bath/laundry/sleeping area. It’s 13’ high at the center. There is room for storage above the bedrooms, hall, and bath.804-2BR-400

The building has 804 s.f. of space. These are construction pictures of the design to the left; it was built in the north Texas area only with the bathroom partitioned; no other partitions were installed; instead of the tub, a wider, deeper tile tub was constructed. It is being used as an office.

It was built with a 1.5 ton electric heat pump for heating and cooling; however, after the first winter, and during the first summer the owners realized that 1.5 tons was overkill. The main unit was turned off; instead, the dome has been heated with a 1500 watt portable electric heater bought at Home Depot for $20; a 5500 btu (less than 1/2 ton) window unit air conditioner was installed for cooling (bought on sale at Wal-Mart for $89). The owners state that it is the most comfortable, cost effective office they’ve ever had. A typical wood building this size would generally require between two and two and a half tons of heating and cooling in the north Texas area.

804 - 10 - 300

Ring beam foundation with dome and floor rebar in place, airform attached and inflated.

804 - 12 - 300

Exterior of airform with airbox and connector in place.

804 - 16 - 300

Insulation has been sprayed on the inside of the airform; dome steel connectors set upright.

804 - 18 - 300

Horizontal rebar completed; attached to ring beam steel connectors.

804 - 20 - 300

Rebar installation is completed.

804 - 22 - 300

Concrete cover of rebar moving up the dome.

804 - 24 - 300

Concrete floor finished; installation of doors, windows, and mechanical work.

804 - 26 - 300

Bathroom completed; dome painted; air handler for 1.5 ton heat pump is installed.

804 - 28 - 300

Exterior of the dome about a week prior to completion.

804 - 11 - 300

Airform inflated and door and window bucks attached and braced.

804 - 13 - 300

Airform tight and ready for insulation spraying.

804 - 17 - 300

Horizontal rebar installation.

804 - 19 - 300

Vertical rebar is being installed from one end of the dome to the other.

804 - 21 - 300

Concrete covers the rebar at the bottom of the dome.

804 - 23 - 300

Dome concrete finished; floor graded and plastic installed, ready for concrete floor.

804 - 25 - 300

Bathroom framed, electrical and plumbing being installed.

804 - 27 - 300

Interior of the dome is painted, ready for carpet installation.

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