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2 Bedroom Starter or Retirement Home

Io-32 2-1 - Floor plan-600

Floor Plan

Io-32 2-1 - Elevation-600

Front Elevation

Io-32 2-1 - Kit appliances-600

Cross Section at Kitchen

Io-32 2-1 - Loft-600

Cross Section at Loft

We will build this dome home, on your land, in Dallas, Tarrant, and counties adjoining these two counties, for the quoted price on the Home page.

The price includes complete finish, including plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling, ceramic tile floors, kitchen complete with all the appliances shown.

This is a 32’ d dome, 13’ high at the center; it has 804 s.f. of living space on the ground floor. It includes a loft above the bath which can be used for storage or as a sleeping loft for one or two children.

Note that for maximum use of space, there are no closets in the bedrooms. Closets take up a lot of space in homes with limited square footage, and they provide much less storage space for their footprint than does an armoire, which can be relocated and actually add beauty to a room.

If you plan to build in an incorporated city lot, keep in mind that most cities - especially suburbs - have minimum square footage requirements, and most subdivisions have deed restrictions you must abide by.

We will finance your home

We have a limited amount of investor funds to finance the construction of this particular home on your land. You must have title to your land, free and clear of any loans, and it must be in the counties described above. Financing is available regardless of credit score; however, some restrictions apply.

For more information on this wonderful home, please call Maurice (972) 814-7391, or email

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